Carpet cleaning dry times in Eugene


Extra dry passes

At Carpetmasters Of Eugene we take the extra effort and do extra dry passes to pick up any excess moisture.


Once we are done with a room or an area we place an air mover (fan) to give the drying process a big head start .

However, after we leave we recommend that you turn a fan on, such as a ceiling fan and keep the AC (summer) or heat (winter) on.

If you do not have AC we encourage you to crack a few windows to let humidity out.


 "These people are the real deal- timely, professional, and do a great job. They made sure I was fully satisfied with the work and I appreciate that. I would definitely recommend them  " - Wendi R.

Does it take days to dry?


Our motto is " Dry in hours, NOT days!"

The exact time varies. Generally speaking the dirtier the carpet, the more water needed to clean it, the longer it takes to dry.

That being said we typically see dry times of 2-6 hours.

Periodically we clean the carpets in our own home and test the dry times. 


We strive to have well maintained units to provide maximum suction. 

Checking/repairing of fittings, hoses, belts, pulleys, seals, gaskets, and valves help ensure there are no vacuum leaks to provide maximum suction for our carpet cleaning dry times in Eugene

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